Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Indonesia

International Conference on Social and Political Issues (ICSPI) 2016

“Knowledge and Social Transformations”

19th - 20th of October 2016 | Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel | Bali, Indonesia


The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Universitas Indonesia invites academics, researchers, policy analysts, government analysts, and activists to the first International Conference on Social and Political Issues (ICSPI) 2016, to participate in the discourse on the interrelations between knowledge and social transformation. How has research in social and political sciences affect social transformation in the developing world? What has been the barriers to knowledge production and its contribution to social transformation?
Selected papers will be reviewed and will be considered to be published in a special issue of Asian Politics & Policy journal, or Knowledge-E Social Sciences conference proceedings.


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Call For Papers

Topics Of Interest

1. Research, Technology, and Social Transformation

  1. The Role of Research and Technology in Developed and Developing Economies

  2. Research, Education, and Knowledge Economy

  3. Social Exclusion in Social Research

  4. Research and Knowledge in Urban Development

2. Governance, Welfare, and Social Development

  1. Development Discourse, Participation, and Representation

  2. Social Policy, Economy, and Democracy

  3. Knowledge Sector Governance and Public Policy Decisions

  4. Knowledge, Creative Industry, and National Branding

3. Ideas, Norms, and Culture in Social Transformation

  1. Family and Parenting Knowledge

  2. Human Rights, Justice, and Equality

  3. Linguistics, Oral Tradition, and Folklore in Changing Societies

  4. Indigenous Knowledge

4. Knowledge and Gender Equality

  1. Social Research in Gender Studies

  2. Gender Equality in Democracy and Local Development

  3. Women, Human Rights, and Violence

  4. Women Migrant Workers’ Protection and Advocacy

5. Global Challenges and Social Transformation

  1. Climate Change, Environment Degradation, and Social Change

  2. Democratization and Armed Conflict Management

  3. Free Trade, Globalization, and Social Transformation

  4. Substance Abuse and New Forms of Addiction

  5. Ageing Society, Productivity, and Policy

6. Capital, Civil Society, and Social Transformation

  1. The New Social Structure in the Global Crisis

  2. The Role of Private Sector and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Social Transformation

  3. Civil Society and Social Transformation

  4. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Social Transformation

7. Media, Knowledge and Social Transformation

  1. Social Media and Democracy

  2. Digital Media and Social Change

  3. Media Literacy, Citizenship, and Awareness

  4. Media Openness and Degree of Control

Important Information

The Things You Shold Know

Important Dates

  • June, 30th : Deadline for Abstract Submission

  • July, 1st – August 15th : Abstracts Selection

  • August, 22nd: Selected Abstracts Announcement

  • September, 30th: Full Paper Submission Deadline

  • October, 19th – 20th : Conference Days


Presenter who passed abstract selection process will have to register with the following provisions:

  • Paper Presenters:

    • International : USD 200,-

    • Indonesian : IDR 2.000.000,-

  • Poster Presenters

    • International : USD 100,-

    • Indonesian : IDR 1.000.000,-

  • Audience

    • International : USD 50,-

    • Indonesia           ; IDR 500.000,-

Paper Criteria

  • Submit your abstract (250-300 words) with 5 keywords and CV to Online Submission Page 

  • If your abstract is selected you are welcome to submit full paper to the conference committee by the designated schedule, Selected papers will have the opportunity to be published in Asian Politics and Policy, a peer-reviewed journal, or Knowledge-E Social Science conference proceedings, indexed by Crossref., Scopus, etc.

  • Applicants whose proposal is accepted, should submit full paper in 5000-10.000 words.

  • Papers criteria for evaluation:

    • Based on research

    • Never been published anywhere else

    • Original; No elements of plagiarism

    • Offers contribution to knowledge production.


Research, Publication, and Community Engagement Office

Miriam Budiardjo Research Center Building 1st Floor
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Universitas Indonesia

Depok, West Java
Indonesia 16424

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Paper Guidelines

Abstract Submission Announcement

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If you are on the list, please submit your full paper before September 20th, 2016.

We will contact you for abstract acceptance confirmation. Thank you

No ID Abstact OCS Name Title
1 1205 Raja Eben Lumbanrau Formulation of Indonesia Foreign Policy towards Australia
Megaphone Diplomacy related to duo Bali Nine Death Execution
2 1206 Vinita Susanti Homicide by wife in the context of domestic violence: (Case studies of convicted 4 female perpetrators in Woman Prisons, Bandung, Indonesian)
3 1207 Muhammad Mustofa Cultural Studies and Criminology for Indonesia
4 1208 Fernando Campos-Medina The de-politicization of the socio-ecological conflict in Chile; The passive and active dimension of a hegemonic discourse about environment
5 1209 Cindenia Puspasari (Co Author : Dini Rizki) The Transformation And Inovation Of The Aceh Coffee Shops As An Expansion Of Social Communication Network In Lhokseumawe
6 1211 Syarifuddin Hasyim Aceh As Indonesian Maritime Diplomacy Across The Indian Ocean
7 1216 Mary Ismowati Profile Of PAM Jaya And Private Partners In Clean Water Supply Jakarta (Case Study Year 1998-2012)
8 1219 Ranggabumi Nuswantoro Digital Democracy in Rural Indonesia:
Community Media Activities “Speaker Kampung” In Aspirations Voicing Desa Ketangga, Kabupaten Lombok Timur, Nusa Tenggara Barat, for Fulfillment Deliberative Conditions
9 1221 Neni Susilawati Building Tax People in Indonesia:
Zest of Teachers to Play a Role in Promoting Tax
(Empirical Study on High School Teachers in Bogor and Central Jakarta)
10 1223 Pius Sugeng Prasetyo Innovative Public Policy and Governance for Developing Smart Village
11 1224 Damayanti Wardyaningrum Indigenous Knowledge and Scientific Knowledge For Coping With Natural Disaster
12 1225 Ina Nur Ratriyana Global Brand Perception in Indonesian Young Consumer
13 1226 Noory Okthariza Regime Durability and the Quality of Governance
14 1227 Dini Safitri Rhetoric Debate on Islam Nusantara Discourse
15 1234 Shinta Galuh Tryssa, M.Si. Disclosing Disabilities to The Society, A Study in Mothers with Disabled Children
16 1235 Isna Fitria Agustina (Co’Author Ainur Rochmaniah) The Role Of Government And Private In Community Driven Development In The Strategic Areas Of Agropolitan In Sidoarjo
17 1236 Totok Wahyu Abadi (Co’ Author Ilmi Usrotin Choiriyah and Sanajihitu Sangaji) Accountability Of Poverty Reduction Through Family Hope Program In The Sidoarjo Regency
18 1237 Shofwan Al Banna Choiruzzad Bringing the Market Back In:
Palm Oil Companies and the Shaping of Indonesia’s National Interest
19 1238 Shofwan Al Banna Choiruzzad Islamic Banking and Finance as Post-Islamist Phenomenon: Indonesia’s Case
20 1239 Lupita Wijaya Comparative Content Analysis on the Mainstream News Coverage of the South China Sea
21 1240 Tsuguta Yamashita Improvement for who? Cultural impact of Kampung Improvement Program
22 1241 Dara Aisyah H.M.Ali Puteh (Co’ Author Neni Susilawati and Krisna Puji) Performance Evaluation Of Economic Empowerment Program On Coastal Community
23 1242 Yodi Christiani (Co’ Author : Nur Jannah, Priska Primastuti and Albert Maramis) Mental Health Status of Women Migrant Workers Who Experienced Sexual Exploitation
24 1258 Wilodati The Character Education Of Children Through Father Parenting In The Family Environment Of Migrant Workers
25 1260 Yulia Sari The politics of village-level fund management: A Case Study of National Program for Community Empowerment (Program National Pemberdayaan Masyarakat – PNPM Mandiri RESPEK) in Papua Province, Indonesia
26 1261 I Gusti Agung Ayu Kade Galuh Media Literacy and Citizenship: Interpretation about Discourse of ‘Civil Defense’
27 1262 Jessica Martha (Co’ Author Anggia Valerisha) Badan Cyber Nasional (BCN): Threat of Openess and Freedom the Using of Social Media in Indonesia
28 1263 Muba Simanihuruk Local Decentralisation in North Sumatera: Civil Society at Crossroad and Social Transformation is Questioned
29 1264 Octavery Kamil Social Capital and Quality of life among injecting drug users (IDU) in Jakarta, Indonesia
30 1266 Mansur Juned (Co’ AuthorDrina Intyaswati and Puri Bestari) Characteristics of President Jokowi’s Communication Style in Communicating Policies. (Case Study: President Jokowi verbal and nonverbal online news)
31 1286 Falih Suaedi (Co’ Author Sri Woro June Astuti) Format As Mediation Model Village Leadership Empowerment In The Village Of Patients Down Syndrome Sidoharjo Ponorogo Regency East Java
32 1287 Daisy Indira Yasmine (Co’ Author Paulus Wirutomo) Community School Johar Baru (SKJB):
Agents of Social Transformation for The Marginal Youth Group
33 1288 Daisy Indira Yasmine Comodification of violence among the Youth Case study of Youth gang in Johar Baru, Jakarta Indonesia
34 1290 Arini Ayatika Aprilya Fidthy (Co’ Author Imelda Basarma Priskila, Sheila Rahmi Juwita) Gender Construction In Religion Perspective Comparison Case Study: University Of Indonesia
35 1292 Tran Nguyen Khang The Impacts of Cultural Globalization in the Developing Countries: the Vietnam example
36 1296 Kisnu Widagso (Co’ Author Orisa Shinta Haryani) Knowledge Management System Support The Crime Prevention And Policing Efforts Against Cybercrime
37 1297 Lilis Lisnawati The Power Of Media Agenda Setting In Implementation Of Community Based Correction In Indonesia
38 1309 Riena Juliannisa S Community Center and Collective Memory Contestation: Ruang Publik Terpadu Ramah Anak (RPTRA) Kenanga, Cideng, Central Jakarta.
39 1311 Joko Tri Haryanto Study Of The Potential Sharing Of The Electricity Subsidy By Local Government
40 1314 Jonghyun Park and Masahiko Fujimura The Role of Political Elite and the Cross Border Cooperation Programmes in East Asia: A Case Study of the Relationships Between Busan and Fukuoka
41 1315 Pinckey Triputra Political Memes As Culture Jamming In Social Media
42 1316 Dody Prayogo Regulatory Development of Mining in Indonesia, A Socio-Historical Analysis
43 1318 Tutik Rachmawati (Co Author Ferry Hermawan) Public Infrastructure Investment in Public Policy Perspective: A Case Study of Traditional Markets Revitalization
44 1321 Aiko Miyatake (Co Author Jonghyun Park ) International Relationships between Korean American Business Owners and their Families in New York
45 1322 Henny Nuraeny (Co Author Tanti Kirana Utami) Model Penanganan Korban Perdagangan Orang dalam Rangka Membentuk Kemandirian Ekonomi
46 1323 Saleh Mohammad Rural Democracy and Traditional Governance: The Role of Traditional and Religious Leaders in Inclusion and Participation in Rural Decision Making in the Context of Afghanistan
47 1324 Prihandoko Sanjatmiko Critical Reviews for Hardin’s Tragedy of the Common Model (1968): A Study of Common Property on a Natural Resource Region that Faces Landscape Changes as a Result of Sedimentation in Segara Anakan Coastal Communities, Cilacap, Central Java
48 1325 Eko Sakapurnama What’s Company Must Do in Facing ASEAN Economic Community?,
Empirical Study from Strategic Human Resource Planning Perspective in Indonesia’s Companies
49 1326 Saiman Central-Local Governments Conflict of Interests in Borderland Infrastructure Development: The Case of Nunukan Regency in 2009-2014
50 1327 Azam Syukur Rahmatullah Pendidikan Rumah dan Ramah Sebagai Basis yang Mencerahkan Anak
(Upaya Meminimalisir Perilaku Menyimpang Sejak Dini di Era Transformasi Sosial)
51 1334 Marini Kristina Situmeang Peran Fkkadk dalam Memberikan Pelayanan Terapi dan Pengetahuan Pengasuhan Bagi Keluarga Yang Memiliki Anak dengan Kedisabilitasan (Adk) di Kabupaten Aceh Besar Nad
52 1336 Ambedkar and Tribal Khasi (harusnya Bhola Nath Ghosh ), itu judul abstractnya, udah christo revisi Women in India: When do they converge?
53 1338 Feni Rosalia, Dian Kagungan dan Devi Yulianti The Innovative Government For New Autonom Region: Strategy Formulation For The Development Acceleration Of New Autonom Region Based On Institutional Capacity Building And Empowerment Of Local Community For Creating Good Governance
54 1341 Partha De Child disability and Malnutrition in a backward district of India: A Cross Sectional Study
55 1342 Nina Armando dan Ade Armando The Failure to Develop an Independent Broadcasting Regulation Body in Indonesia: The Case of KPI
56 1343 Daniel Polomski Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC)**
57 1344 Antik Tri Susanti Acceleration Of Village Society Development Through Communicative Action of Local Group
58 1346 Indera Ratna Irawati Pattinasarany Increasing Equality of Access to Education Among The Poor in Indonesia: Lesson Learnt from Community Initiatives
59 1349 Ida Ruwaida Transformation Of Violence Culture Into Productive Culture by Empowering Urban Youth On Creative Economy
60 1350 May Christin Haloho Prostitution and Industrial Development
in Limus Nunggal, Cileungsi, Kabupaten Bogor, West Java
61 1351 Suraya A. Afiff The Politics of Social marketing as strategy to promote pro-environmental practices
62 1352 Zhang Nanjie and Liu Xue Paper Oriented Research Regime: Misunderstanding of Dynamic of Science and Technology to Economic Growth on the Ground in China
63 1353 Rabindranath Jana and Anil Kumar Choudhuri Social Network Analysis Approach for Studying Livelihood Strategy of Rural People in India: An Empirical Attempt
64 1354 Tirthankar Ghosh Social Justice And Development : With Special Reference To Dalits In Eastern India
65 1355 Ade Marup Wirasenjaya and Ratih Herningtyas Democracy and The Emerge of Weak State in Indonesia and Columbia
66 1356 Haula Rosdiana and Titi M. Putranti Tax Amnesty Policy Discourse in Perspective of Politic of Taxation
67 1357 Titi M. Putranti and Haula Rosdiana Politic of Taxation to Promote National Competitiveness of Shipping Industry in Indonesia : Quo Vadis
68 1358 Billy K. Sarwono; Sari Monik Agustin;
Fitria Angeliqa
Climate Change News Coverage Across the Nations
(Analysis of Global Climate Change Conference, in Paris 2015)
69 1359 Evelyn Suleeman Religious Tolerance Values
70 1360 Bangkit A. Wiryawan Addressing Innovation Competitiveness of The Batam Free Trade Zone: What Went Wrong?
71 1362 Muhammad Ahalla Tsauro Mass Media and Terrorism: A Case Study Of Paris Terrorist Attacks 13/11 And Global Breaking News
72 1363 Ignatius Ismanto Indonesia’s Leadership in Combating Women Trafficking
73 1364 Marcus Y.L. Chiu On Becoming Part of the Family – The experience of Indonesian Domestic Workers in Singapore
74 1365 Deniz Kilic How Turkish Columnists Framed General Election in Turkey
Held in November 2015 Via Twitter
75 1366 Vishnu Juwono High Expectations, but under Delivery? Assessing One Decade of Yudhoyono’s Presidency with regard to Governance Reform and the Anti-Corruption Initiative
76 1367 E.Malihah ; S. Komariah ; S. Nurbayani ;P. Wulandari Perlukah Pemberdayaan Perempuan?
77 1368 Rouli Manalu The Quest for Overcoming the Digital Divide: an Analysis of the Universal Service Obligations (USO) Implementation for ICT
Equality and Socio‐Economic Development
78 1370 Ronald Holzhacker ; Marek Neuman Framing the Debate: The Evolution of the European Union as an External Democratization Actor
79 1371 Rinaldi Ikhsan Nasrulloh Ineffective Factors on Preventing Cyberterrorism Propaganda In Indonesia (Case Study of Prevention By BNPT Against Propaganda ISIS In the framework of the High Policing)
80 1372 Arif Wibowo Myths in relation to Pregnancy and Maternal Mortality Reduction
81 1373 Hurriyah Resurgence or Illusion? Civil Society in the 2014 Presidential Election
82 1374 Estu Putri Wilujeng Between Right and Desire: Labour Pseudo-Equality in the Age of Consumerism
83 1376 Eka Chandra Accountability of Educational Service Providers and Quality of Basic Education in Indonesia
84 1378 Inayati Earmarking Tax Policy on Local Taxation in Indonesia: Towards to Policy of Pro Fiscal Legitimacy and Budget Flexibility
85 1379 Fitria Angeliqa Habitus Externalization In The Authenticity of Taste (Study On The Owner of ‘Warung Betawi’ in Setu Babakan)
86 1381 Rakhmat Syarip Trade Policy and the Politics of Domestic Economic Reform: The Case of Malaysia’s Participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
87 1382 Dina Listiorini dan Olivia Lewi Pramesti The Framing of Gay Candidate for Human Right Commissionaire in the Indonesia Online Newspapers)
88 1384 Yunita T. Winarto
C. (Kees) J. Stigter (†)
Anthropology teaming up with agroclimatology: Getting university science closer to assist farmers with adaptation policies towards more climate resilience
89 1385 Ni Luh Putu Agastya dan Clara Siagian Community Engagements to Support Effective Targeting of Social Assistance Programs (SAPs) through CRVS System in Indonesia
90 1386 Ezra M Choesin ; Hafiz Awlia Ramadhan Keuneunong: recasting an age-old tradition in the wake of social and environment changes
91 1388 Johanna Debora Imelda ; Djamilah ; Reni Kartikawati ; Anggoro Yudo ;Mahendro ; Sari Damar Ratri Female Genital Circumcision in Global Classification and Indonesian Pluralistic Society
92 1390 Agustinus Rusdianto Berto The Roles of Tour Guide as Broker in Tourism Industrial Network (The Influence of Communication Capital in Forming Structural Holes in Communication Network)
93 1392 Auri Adham Putro ; Valina Singka Subekti Benefiting from Incumbency and Money Politics in Local Democracy? Not in the Case of Local Election 2012 in Tebo Regency, Jambi Province, Indonesia
94 1395 Ahmad Anshori Wahdy ; Irfan R. Maksum ; Linda Darmajanti Challenges In Increasing Participation In Urban Community Empowerment (A Case Study Of Empowerment Program Of Administrative Villages (Ppmk) In 4 Administrative Villages In Dki Jakarta)
95 1398 Funda Erzurum ; Incilay Cangoz Journalism : How Do the Journalism Students in Turkey Evaluates Their Profession ?
96 1399 Fredy B.L. Tobing ; Erwin Indradjaja Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Its Impact in Indonesia
97 1400 Özgül Birsen Turkish radio programs which appeal to old people
98 1401 Warjio ; Heri Kusmanto Politic Of Development Of Islamic Hotel In Medan
99 1403 Kundharu Saddhono and Husein Erwinsyah Folklore as Local Wisdom for Teaching Materials in BIPA Program (Indonesian For Foreign Speakers)
100 1404 Eka Chandra & Anggi Dewanggarani Young Workers at Stake : Skill and Labor Market Conditions in Vocational School Graduates
101 1405 Iqrak Sulhin ; Punchada Sirivunnabood Land/Forest Fires (A Criminology Catastrophic Analysis)
102 1406 Irawan Jati Engaging Youth in Community Development Program: The Community Development and International Cooperation Course Case
103 1408 Bambang Shergi Laksmono ; Budhi Dharma Revisiting Youth Development Thinking and Measurement: The Indonesia Perspective
104 1409 Riaty Raffiudin Changes in state-business relationships in Indonesia in the Reformasi Era: The Case of the Palm Oil Industry
105 1412 Imaduddin Abdullah Reshaping the Future of Indonesian Development Cooperation
106 1413 Fredy B.L. Tobing ; Asra Virgianita ; Maisa Yudono ; Erwin Indrajaya Trade Relations Between Indonesia-Latin American Countries: Challenges And Conditions For Success
107 1415 Yasmine Shabab Multiculturalism Policy: Looking for the Integrating Factor
108 1417 Mijin Park The Relationship between the Work-Family Reconciliation Policy and Parent’s Time Use
109 1418 Annisah ; S.F. Mashoedi ; D. Djoekardi ; A.D. Deswanti ; S. Alifa ; J.D. Imelda The Urgency of Disclosure for HIV Positive Adolescents
110 1420 Ridwan Z. Panca Putra Model Pencegahan Kejahatan Lingkungan Dalam Perspektif Green Criminology (Studi Pengelolaan Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit di Kalimantan Tengah)
111 1421 Luhung Achmad Perguna ; Irawan Transformation Participatory Village Based On Technology
112 1422 Hendriyani ; Ike Utaminingtyas Games addiction: Children and their social environment
113 1424 Nurul Safitri, Eko Sakapurnama Exploring Entrepreneurial Leadership :
A Case Study Toward SME’s Owner in Jakarta
114 1426 Augustinus Widyaputranto Social Inclusion And Education Fair-Shared Tuition As Social Inclusion Strategy – A Case Study
115 1427 Anggia Utami Dewi Towards Knowledge Economy: A Comparative Study of Indonesian and South Korean Internationalization of Higher Education
116 1428 Syadza Alifa The Role of Vulnerable Group in Disaster Management and Disaster Risk Reduction Effort in Disaster Resilient Village (Desriptive Study of Task Force in Gunung Geulis Village, Sukaraja District, Bogor Region)
117 1429 Arthur Josias Simon Runturambi ; Avechrista Steve Pranata Utama Penyuapan Hakim Sebagai Korupsi Dalam Pengadilan (Studi Tentang Professional Occupational Crime)
118 1430 Xia Liping Strategic Impacts of Environmental Change of the Arctic Region and the Governance: Chinese Views
119 1431 Heri Fathurahman ; Martani Huseini ; Sudarsono Hardjosoekarto Developing Competitiveness at Cimahi Telematics Creative Industry
Based on Eight Dimensions of Relational Economy
120 1432 Heri Fathurahman ; Martani Huseini Mapping of Regional Economic Potential based on Creative Economy to Support Creation of Regional Competitiveness
121 1433 Melisa Arisanty ; Meiselina Irmayanti Social Media as an Interactive Technology in Driving Public Participation to Succeed Government Programs
122 1434 Iksan R.A. Arsad The Local Political Culture and the Dinamic of Politic in North Maluku Election
123 1435 Murwendah The Dynamics of Institutional Change on Port Governance in Indonesia
124 1436 Putu Chandra Dewi Kardha Pemilihan Pasangan Hidup Berbeda Agama di Indonesia Sebelum dan Sesudah berlakunya UU Perkawinan 1974
125 1437 Amy Y.S Rahayu ; Irfan R.Maksum, ; Dhian Kusumawardhani Technology Diffusion Challenges for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Developing Countries: Case Study of the Technology for Region Program (Iptekda) in West Java
126 1438 Sari Viciawati Machdum, Sofyan Cholid, Annisah, Johanna Debora Imelda Health Reproduction Promotion For Minimizing Maternal Mortality Under 19 Years
127 1440 Nafthah Rizkyan ; Yulian Adi Kurniawan Counter Terrorism through Social Media: The Voice of Twitter Users on Terror Bomb in Jakarta and Brussels
128 1441 Agus Hendro Setiawan ; Nafthah Rizkyan ; Yulian Adi Kurniawan Internalization of Pop Culture in Social Movement : A Case Study of The People’s Movement Forum Bali Reject Reclamation (ForBALI)
129 1443 Lisa Esti Puji Hartanti, Embu Hendriquez Communication Policy of Surabaya City Government for Returning the Function of Gang Dolly became Settlement Residents
130 1445 Dyah Kusumawati ; Davis Roganda Parlindungan ; Syaifuddin Interpersonal Communication between Teacher and Autism Students
131 1446 Niken F. Ernungtyas ; Irwansyah Factor Analysis of Perceived on Instant Messaging Applications Use
132 1447 Darmawan Prasetya Local Wisdom And Construction Of Inclusion Community: Learning From Disability People Named Kolok In Bali
133 1448 Titin Purwaningsih Political Dynasties and Intra-Party Democracy in Indonesia
(A Study on Political Recruitment in Golkar Party, National Mandate Party (PAN), and Democratic Party During the 2009 and 2014 Elections in South Sulawesi)
134 1451 Bintan Humeira How Digital Media Change Islamic Traditional Community
135 1452 Asra Virgianita, Nurul Isnaeni, Shofwan Al Banaa Political Economy Of Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) Governance In Indonesia: Different Level, Different Actors, Different Goals
136 1453 Bara Lintar Sanggabuana Program for Pollution Control Evaluation and Rating (PROPER) Implementation as State Control Mechanism on Corporate Crime against Environment
137 1454 Sulikah Asmorowati Bureaucratic Reform and Inclusive Development: Towards a Transformative Agenda
138 1455 M R Khairul Muluk ; Y R Priyo Nugroho Intergenerational Public Goods Approach For Division Of Authority On Forestry
139 1456 M.R. Khairul Muluk ; Inayati Strengthening Politic of Taxation through Broaden Power of Local Tax Agency: Indonesia Case
140 1457 Fitri Catur Lestari Determinants Gender Gap In Education And Employment In Indonesia 2014
141 1458 Rita Zamzamah Nazeer-Ikeda The Nationalization of Teacher Education in an Era of Internationalization : Persisting and New Priorities in Singapore’s Teacher Education
142 1459 Ratna Permata Sari Helping others through online community (Communication pattern for smog problems by www.bebasasap.org)
143 1460 D. Chandra Kirana Sexting, A Mediated Sexual Pleasure
(A Qualitative Study About Sexting in Adolescents)
144 1461 D. Chandra Kirana Communication Between Mothers and Adolescents About Sexuality – A Qualitative Study
145 1463 Haluk Birsen The Experiences, Thoughts And Observations Of Digital Migrants About New Media
146 1465 Achmad Sofiyudin ; Muhammad Rifqi Zakaria Temanggung Tobacco Command Center (Ttcc) Aplication Based On Internet Gateway To Improve Tobacco Farmers Welfare In Temanggung Regency
147 1467 Putri Hardiyanti Korban Kejahatan Lingkungan Perusahaan Air Minum Dalam Kemasan (AMDK) X. Studi Kasus: Masyarakat Cidahu-Sukabumi
148 1469 Ning Rahayu Handling Tax Dispute in Indonesia
(a study to fulfill taxpayer rights and overcome the accumulation of tax dispute in Tax Court)
149 1470 Z. Hidayat Selling The New Indonesia : Film Cinema As Expression Media Of Young Indonesian Generation (Semiotics Analysis Of 1950s Usmar Ismail Films)
150 1471 Ibnu Hamad Developing Forensic Communication
151 1472 Rachma Fitriati Why REDD in Central Kalimantan failed? A Learn Lesson from Climate Change Cooperation between Indonesia-Norway
152 1473 Rachma Fitriati ; Sudarsono Hardjosoekarto ; Widya Laksmanawati Habibie Social Transformation On Building Collaborative Governance Of Health Services: “Knock The Door And Serve With Heart Program” In Province Of DKI Jakarta
153 1474 Melpayanty Sinaga The Role of ULMWP (United Liberation Movement for West Papua) Become an International Issues **
154 1476 Rachma Fitriati From City Branding into National Branding: Building a National Competitiveness with the approach of Knowledge-based Creative Economy
155 1477 Widya Laksmanawati Habibie; Rachma Fitriati ; Sudarsono Hardjosoekarto ; Azhar Kasim Social Transformation In Public-Private Partnership To Provide Services For Primary Health Insurance State Officials
156 1478 Rahmadi Oesman; Arthur Josias Simon Perlindungan Anak Pengungsi Etnis Rohingya dalam Kearifan Lokal “Peumulia Jamee” di Aceh
157 1479 Firyan Nainunus ; Arthur Josias Simon X PEROMPAK KAMPUNG LAI “Studi Kasus Seorang Perompak Yang Beroperasi di
Perairan Selat Malaka”
158 1480 Muhammad Saud Role of Social Networks in Promoting Political Participation among Women in Bhakkar, Punjab Pakistan
159 1481 Ani Widyani Soetjipto Trans national advocacy network on Human Rights in Papua:Contesting State Sovereignty
160 1482 Gestivia Hakim ; Mutsla Qanitah Description of The Changes in Children’s Way of Life as The Impact of Social Development in Children- Friendly Environment, RW 06, Tanah Baru, Depok
161 1491 Aditya Perdana Personalistic Linkages Between Women’s Civil Society Organizations And Political Parties In Post-Suharto Indonesia
162 1493 Chico Adhibaskara Ekananda Hindarto Boss is always right: A folklore at the workspace
163 1494 Polniwati Salim Betawi Ornament For Interior Furniture In Efforts To Strengthen National Branding And Entreprenuership In Jakarta
164 1495 Surjadi Basuki Rokan Hulu versus Kampar: Case Study of Political, Economic and Cultural Conflict in Decentralization Era
165 1496 Eunike Prapti Lestari Krissetyanti Gender Issues on Career Development of Civil Service in Indonesia
166 1497 Wisamodro Jati Tax Amnesty: A Lesson from Indonesia
167 1498 Ni Made Martini Puteri Seeking context for theory enforceability of moral licensing effect in collective culture society: why law enforcers get involved in corruption?
168 1499 Ety Rahayu and Prof. Isbandi Rukminto Adi Factors Affecting Smoothness/Not Smoothness Financial Services Cooperative In Revolving Fund Returns In The Urban Village Community Economic Empowerment Program
169 1501 Milla S. Setyowati Analyze of Tax Administration Reform to Applying Semi Autonomous Revenue Authority (SARA) on The Directorate General of Taxes in Indonesia
170 1502 Kania Saraswati Harisoesyanti ; Annisah ; Wuri Prasetyawati; Derry F. Ulum ; Dewi R. Utami ; Rizki Maulana Passive Participation in Urban Poor Community: How to Deal with It?
171 1504 Herlina Permata Sari Martha Nussbaum’s Central Capabilities and Women Offenders’ Quality of Life
172 1505 Donna Asteria ; Agus Brotosusilo ; I Wayan Agus Apriana The Role Of Women’s Environmental Activist In Resolving Environmental Conflicts For Sustainability Of City
173 1507 Triyanti Anugrahini Social Impact Of Jakarta Bay Reclamation Towards The Livelihood Of Fishermen In Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, North Jakarta
174 1508 Rahmi Yeti Kasri Citizen Engagement: An approach to sustaining Indonesian Rural Water Supply and Sanitation?
175 1509 Andre Notohamijoyo; Martani Huseini; Raldi H. Koestoer and Syafril Fauzi The Failure of Marine Stewardship Council Practices in Indonesia
176 1513 Abd. Rahman Historical Reprsentation And Human Identity Of Loloda In The Sea Area And Maluku Archipelago
177 1514 Abdillah Ahsan Political Cycles and Fiscal Policies : Case Study of Tobacco Excise Policy in Indonesia 2005-2015
178 1516 Ferdinand T. Andi-Lolo Budgeting & Corruption: the Case Study of the Indonesian Prosecution Service”
179 1517 Retno Kusumastuti Local wisdom based organizational learning and innovation at SMEs : Cases of Sentra Batik Laweyan and Madura in Indonesia
180 1518 Teguh Kurniawan Research Barriers In The Higher Education In Indonesia And Its Solution: A Public Policy Perspective
181 1538 Inaya Rakhmani Open Policies and Closed Bureaucracies: The Social Effects of State University Reform on the Academic Mobility Indonesian Social Researchers”
182 1545 Utpal Kumar De Women in MGNREGA in India’s North-East”
183 1547 Aditya Perdana (Co Author : Abdillah Ahsan, Valina Singka Subekti) Political Mapping for increasing Tobacco Tax as Public Health Measure in Indonesia
184 1595 Semiarto Aji Purwanto, Sundjaya, Bayu Eka Yulian Ethnicity and interethnic relation: The case of ethnic reconstruction in Tarakan,North Kalimantan
185 1840 Alim Bathoro Central – Regional Elite Conflict in the Nationalization of PT Inalum 2013-2015
186 1868 Getar Hati ; Isbandi Rukminto Adi Micro Credit for Poor: A Study of the Obstacle Factors in Program Implementation
187 1925 Joko Tri Haryanto Regional Financial Performance Evaluation In The Indonesian Fiscal Decentralization Era
188 2667 Irwanda W. Wardhana Money Politics vs. Good Image in Elections: A Game Theory Approach
189 2668 Emilie Minnick, Rosa Bransky Social and Cultural Drivers of Child Marriage
190 2670 Charlotte Lie-Piang , Luhur Bima, Cecilia Marlina The 2013 Update of Multidimensional Child Poverty in Indonesia
191 2836 Isbandi Rukminto Adi Youth Empowerment in the Poor Community of Urban Areas

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Event Schedule

ICSPI 2016


International Conference on Social and Political Issues (ICSPI) 2016
Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, Bali, Indonesia
19 – 20 October 2016

Updated : October 10th, 2016

Day 1 : Wed, 19th October 2016
Time Agenda
08.00 – 08.10 Safety Induction
08.10 – 08.15 Indonesia Raya Song
08.15 – 08.25 Conference Report by Dean of Faculty Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Indonesia
08.25 – 08.45 Opening Remarks: 
  1. Rector of Universitas Indonesia
  2. Governor of Bali Province, Indonesia
08.45 – 09.00 Welcoming Dance (Bali Tranditional Dance)
09.00 – 10.00 Keynote Speech
  1. H.E. Prof. Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, MA (the 6th President of Indonesia)
  2. Prof. Donald K. Emmerson (Stanford University)
10.00 – 10.15 Asian Politics and Policy Publication Guideline, by Prof. Aileen Baviera
10.15 – 10.30 Coffee Break
10.30 – 12.00 Plenary Session
  1. Prof. Vedi R. Hadiz (University of Melbourne)
  2. Prof. Adrianus E. Meliala (Universitas Indonesia)
  3. Prof. Jim Ife (Curtin University)
12.00 – 13.30 Lunch and Break time
13.30 – 15.00 Paralel Session 1
15.00 – 15.30 Afternoon Tea
15.30 – 17.00 Paralel Session 2
19.00 – 21.00  Gala Dinner
Day 2 : Thur, 20th October 2016
Time Agenda
09.00 – 09.30 Keynote Speech
  1. Dato’ Sri Prof. Dr. Tahir, MBA (Founder of Mayapada Group) (*)
  2. Prof. Mark Concidine (University of Melbourne)
09.30 – 11.00 Plenary Session
  1. Prof. Rochman Achwan (Universitas Indonesia)
  2. Prof. Richard H. Chauvel (University of Melbourne)
  3. Prof. Kosuke Mizuno (Kyoto University)
11.00 – 12.30 Paralel Session 3
12.30 – 13.30  Lunch and Break Time
13.30 – 15.00  Paralel Session 4
15.00 – 15.30 Closing Remarks and Afternoon Tea
(*) Keynote speech will be given in written file
Additional (Day 3) : Fri, 21th October 2016
Excursion : “Explore the Wonderful Bali”

Conference Committee

Our Team

Board of Advisors

  • Dr. Arie Setiabudi Soesilo, M.Sc., Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Isbandi Rukminto Adi, M.Kes, Vice Dean for Education, Research and Student Relations
  • Dr. Titi Muswati Putranti, M.Si., Vice Dean for Resources, Ventures and General Administration
  • Drs. Awang Ruswandi, M.Si., Head of Academic Quality Assurance Unit


  • Prof. Aileen S.P. Baviera (University of the Philippines)
  • Prof. Yunita T. Winarto (Universitas Indonesia)
  • Prof. Vedi R. Hadiz (University of Melbourne)


  • Prof. Dr. Isbandi Rukminto Adi, M.Kes. (Universitas Indonesia)
  • Meidi Kosandi, Ph.D. (Universitas Indonesia)
  • Inaya Rakhmani, Ph.D. (Universitas Indonesia)

Scientific Committee

  • Dr. Evi Fitriani (Universitas Indonesia)
  • Prof. Dr. Bambang Shergi Laksmono (Universitas Indonesia)
  • Prof. Jim Ife (Curtin University, Australia)
  • Dr. Pinckey Triputra (Universitas Indonesia)
  • Prof. Adrianus Meliala (Universitas Indonesia)
  • Dr. Julian Aldrin Pasha (Universitas Indonesia)
  • Prof. Yasmine Shahab (Universitas Indonesia)
  • Prof. Jurgen Ruland (University of Freiburg, Germany)
  • Prof. Kosuke Mizuno (Kyoto University, Japan)
  • Prof. Richard Harry Chauvel (University of Melbourne, Australia)
  • Prof. Dr. Dody Prayogo (Universitas Indonesia)

Organizing Committee

  • Head : Meidi Kosandi, Ph.D.
  • General Secretary : Debie Puspasari, S.IA.
  • Partnership Coordinator : Jona Widhagdo Putri, M.A.
  • Registrations Coordinator : Anggi Arini, S.E.
  • Financial Coordinator : Astuti Utaminingtyas, S.E.
  • Theme and Panel Coordinator : Dr. Inaya Rakhmani
  • Publication Coordinator : Arie Adhitya, S.Kom.
  • Creative Design : Christoforus Agveriandika
  • Procurement Coordinator : Adnan Sabisi

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